John loves math (not meth). He is a programmer. In his spare time he loves to listen to instrumental music and to play video games. In the future, he is planning to major in a math field.




Steve can play the piano. His dream is to become an experienced piano player by the end of highschool. His favorite subject is science and plans to major in the medical field. Steve is a builder.




Tarcisio is a programmer. He loves to eat food and play video games in his spare time. He is a programmer on the Robotics Team.




Sam is a builder. Sams favorite subject is history. He loves to play video games. In his spare time he likes to create science fiction characters.




Sahra is a programmer. She loves to write in her spare time. She plans to be a writer in the future.




Caner is a builder. He has great leadership skills and works well under pressure. Caner is also the co-captain of Team 251. This is not his real name. It is still unknown to society. Only the gods know and will shine us with this knowledge one day.