Matthew is a builder. He has quoted himself that he "has an undying passion to build and construct." He is hoping in the future that he could be a mechanical engineer and says that Robotics will lead him to that path.




Mohamed is a builder on the Robotics Team. His favorite subject is math and would like to become a pharmacist.




Byron is a programmer on the team and his favorite subject is math. On his free time he loves to play tennis.




Hey, I'm Andrew, the builder and designer of the Cliffside Park Robotics Team site. I am a programmer on the 5212 team and love math and science. In the future I plan on becoming a computer hardware engineer.




Leno is a programmer on the team. He loves to play tennis, basketball, and soccer when he is bored.




John is a builder on the team and works hard to acheive the team's goals.




Marco is both a builder and uses Auto-Cad for the team.




Moose is a builder on the team. He is very skilled at what he does.




Shravan is a programmer. He teaches HTML courses and CSS courses to other people.




Doug is a builder on the team. He makes our robot do pull-ups.