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Awards Won

5212 and 251 have won many awards throughout the years of the FTC meets.
  • 2008, Team 251 won the Semifinalists NJ FTC Championship Award.
  • 2008, Team 251 won the Semifinalists NY FTC Championship Award.
  • 2008, Team 251 won the Innovate Award at the Snow Day Showdown in Heightstown.
  • 2010, Team 251 won the Unique Design Award at the Snow Day Showdown.
  • 2011, Team 5212 was the winning alliance at Livingston Robo-Joust.
  • 2011, Team 251 was the winning alliance at the Snow Day Show Down.
  • January 4, 2014 Team 5212 won the PTC Design Award at the Liberty Science Center.
  • January 24, 2014 Team 251 won the Motivate award at Cliffside Cliffhangers.


  • The Robotics Team hosted the Summer Robtics program in August for the Middle School kids. During this program we encouraged the kids to learn to build and engineer. During this event the kids learned to build robots for two types of robot games. The first game was called tug-o-war and essentially the game was made up of two lego robots and you had to pull the piece of string with the robot on the other side past the line. The second type of game was called Sumo-Wrestling and what the game was composed of was two lego robots and the robots have to push each other past the sumo circle.

  • The second program that the Robotics Team hosted was the Electronics Recycling program. The Robotics Team does this every year. Anyone who was in need to throw away any electronic material would bring it to us for it to be recycled.


  • November - December of 2013

    Through the months of November and December the Cliffside Park Robotics Teams hosted the first set of HTML classes as a way of contributing to society and helping out the people that need it. About fifteen people attended these courses and was taught how to build a basic website. It was held at the North Bergen Public Library. Shrevan(Team 5212) and Tarcisio(Team 251) were the two masterminds behind the idea and lead these courses along with the help of Lucas (Team 251), Andrew(Team 5212), and John(Team 251).

  • December 1,2013 at Dwight Morrow

    This was Cliffside Park's first meet of the season and they prepared for three months to make it to the top, 5212 and 251 were both high up in the rankings but 251 reached for the stars. They were the first seed and picked 5212 because together they were a great match. Unfortunatley they lost in the semifinals. At the award ceremony 5212 was runner up for the Think Award. The whole night was a good experience for both teams to prepare to destroy the competiton in the next meet.

  • January 4, 2014 at the Liberty Science Center

    Team 5212 and 251 go at it again at the Liberty Science Center to win it. There seemed to be a problem with Team 251's robot. Their robot kept freezing and didnt know why until one of the referees told Team 251 that their omni wheels on their robot was causing a static shock. This is something both robotics teams never encountered before. Unfortunatley because of this major issue Team 251 was eliminated from the competition due to the many static issues. Team 5212 was still in the competition and made it all the way to the semifinals but lost there. In the award ceremony, 5212 was a runner up for the Connect Award and winner of the PTC Design Award.

  • January 24, 2014 at the Cliffside Cliffhanger

    This was Cliffside Park's first compitetion at the highschool and the job both teams did was magnificent. Both teams rose high to the top of the charts but Team 5212 really took it to the next level. They ended up winning all their matches and became the first seed. At the awards ceremony, 251 was not left out because they won the Motivate Award! Both teams were happy and were prepared for their final meet to determne if they can go to the state meet.

  • February 2, 2014 at the Snow Day Showdown

    The Snow Day Showdown was Cliffside Park's last meet and it was there only way to make it to states. Both teams had to win every match to qualify. Team 5212 kept winnning every match but Team 251 had a few programming bugs so they lost two matches. Finally Team 251 fixed their robot's issues and won the next three matches. They did very well, scoring and obtaining over one hundred and fifty points each match. Team 5212 scored heavily and won every match. They became the first seed. Team 5212 ended up choosing Team 251 for their alliance but lost in the semifinals. The good new was Team 5212 qualified for states but the bad news was Team 251 didnt qualify.